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Racing at CSOR

What does it cost?

The following table details cost of driving / racing at CSOR, we do encourage people that haven’t been before to come along to one of our bash or practice days. These days don’t run to a format like our race days, so you can have as much track time as you like & take the time to meet other members. The following fees apply:

Type of Day Participant Cost
Bash Day Member £3.00
Non Member £5.00
Practice Day Member £5.00
Non Member £7.00
Race Day Member £9.00
Junior Member £7.00
Non Member £12.00
Transponder Hire All £3.00

When & what can I race?

CSOR runs a summer championship from April to October & a winter championship from October back to April. We run a minimum of 8 race rounds, usually racing every 3 weeks with bash & practice days in between. There are a choice of 3 race classes you can enter, depending on what model you run & your driving ability. The rookie class is for drivers with little or no race experience & is open to all models & scales of rc car. This class is proving popular & a great introduction to racing, anyone is welcome to have a go. We also run 2 clubman classes for 1/8 scale nitro rallycross buggies & truggies. These classes are for drivers with race experience & more professional kits.The racing is very close in these classes & we’ve seen championships being won or lost by a single point. During the summer, we have our 2 day Highlander event & also a Northern Regional Series round, both attract a lot of the top drivers from down south.

I’ve done my first race…how did I do?

All the results from each championship round are posted up on our website results page. In here you will see in detail how you performed in each qualifying heat & your overall qualifying position for the finals. The final results have the same detail, so you can check your performance lap by lap right up to the finish. Points are then awarded for your finishing position,100 for 1st, 99 for 2nd, 98 for 3rd etc. plus 1 extra point if you were the fastest qualifier in your class & claimed pole position. These points are added to the class championship tables, with 8 rounds available your best 5 scores count towards your championship standing. At the last round of the championships, trophies are awarded to the top 3 in each class.

I’ve won the rookie champs..what now?

Time to step up to the clubman class & race against the top guys in the club. You will need a good buggy or truggy, a strong engine & good radio gear. In this class you will learn how to be quick & consistant through the heats & finals to get the points. You will spend more time preparing & setting up your car, to get the best out of it. You will have the chance to race at regional level & represent your club, or even race at national level against the best drivers in the country.